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Winter Photography Sessions

It's snow time! You wait all year for those flakes to start falling, and now it's time to celebrate this amazing season. What does a winter adventure photography and videography session look like? 

Fun in the Snow

Sledding Adventure Family Photography Session

You run out the door as the first flakes are falling and it's never enough! Take the kids sledding and make amazing memories that will last. Perfect for kids of all ages, because who doesn't love being pulled in a sled! Wrap up in a cozy blanket and warm up with some hot cocoa before heading home.

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Snowshoe Adventure

Catch snowflakes on your tongue with a beautiful snowscape all around you. A snowshoeing adventure family session is perfect for families who love going places. Let's head out into the woods ready for a picnic and snowball fight! We can head back into town for a warmup at the local coffee shop.

A Winter Getaway

Relax together in a cabin by the sea or snow

You've waited all year for that perfect cozy winter getaway. Together we can find a sweet little cabin for your family to kick back and relax together. Play some board games, roast some marshmallows, have a snowball fight and come right back in to warm up. Recharge your batteries together and take home the memories. 


A dreamy winter photo shoot sounds amazing. What do I need?

Let's get started planning and decide just what you need. If you're staying at a cabin, you may need just enough to keep warm and dry during your outings. If you're sledding, you'll want waterproof gloves and pants - and of course, a sled! Hand and toe warmers are life savers, and I never say no to hot chocolate! If you're headed out on a hike, we can talk about carrying the ten essentials, Leave No Trace, and snow safety. We will find out what kind of adventure fits your family and make it a reality! 

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